know your options

Our clinical staff are registered nurses who have undertaken additional training in contraception and sexual health to provide a free, confidential and high quality service for under-25s across Lancashire.

We offer a full range of contraception options and our staff will work with you to provide the best method of contraception for you.

Our fully integrated service means that you can access the full range of sexual health services we offer, e.g. contraception and STI testing, in a single appointment.

Our Central Booking Line number 01772 401140 is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Please call for appointments, advice and information about our local clinics, including drop-in services.

As most methods of contraception only protect you from pregnancy, we would recommend you also use condoms alongside your regular method of contraception to help protect you from most sexually transmitted infections.

What is Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)?
LARC are methods of contraception that you do not have to think about everyday, like the implant, IUS/IUD. Condoms still need to be used alongside LARC.