Emergency Contraception

The Morning After Pill

The morning after pill is used as an emergency method of contraception to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The morning after pill can be taken up to five days – or 120 hours – after having sex.

How you take the emergency contraception will depend on the type of emergency pill you are prescribed. When you visit the sexual health clinic or your GP, they will discuss which one is right for you and answer any questions you have.

You can take the morning after pill if:

  1. Your condom fails (breaks or comes off during sex).
  2. You have had unprotected sex.
  3. You have missed taking any contraceptive pills.
  4. You are late getting your contraceptive injection.

Remember: unprotected sex puts you at risk of unplanned pregnancy and/or STIs.

Girls can access free emergency contraception or family planning advice at any of our clinics, as well as most GPs and some pharmacies. The sooner the contraceptive pill is taken, the more effective it is.

If you are worried about whether you have picked up an STI, you should call 01772 401140 or find your nearest sexual health clinic. The healthcare team will be able to book you in for a confidential, painless screening.

There are two forms of emergency contraception:

There are 2 types of emergency hormonal pills. The doctor, nurse or specially trained pharmacist will choose the most effective type for you depending on when you had unprotected sex. One can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex. Remember: the sooner after sex emergency contraception is taken, the more effective it is.

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